Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Delhi boy’s thumb breaks, mobile screen cracks after using Tinder for 57 hours without a break

Unable to find true love for the last 25 years, Prem Singh, a resident of Delhi spent 57 hours on Tinder without a break trying to find a match for himself. Prem, who was oblivious to dating apps, was informed about the existence of Tinder by his friend Aman who had received plenty of matches on the hookup app. Aman explained Prem that Tinder was his only hope to find a girl before his parents make a profile for him on

Realizing the urgency of the situation, Prem went berserk and swiped right, a way to express a like on Tinder, to every girl’s profile that showed up on the screen.

“Prem took leave from office and told everyone that he was locking himself in a room for spiritual reasons, something that he often says before watching porn, but I knew it was Tinder this time. 2 days later, I was sitting in the other room when suddenly Prem screamed. I thought he had finally found a match but when I rushed to his room, I saw he had broken his thumb while swiping. I quickly took his phone and tried calling his parents but realized that the right half of the screen had already vanished because of liking each and every girl’s profile! F**king idiot!”, said his flat mate Ram.

“I swiped right to almost every girl on the planet. I faked my location using softwares to see girls from different locations, but what did I get? Zero matches and a personal message from Tinder saying “Tumse na ho payega”?! I even uploaded a fashion model’s picture to see if I get any matches. I did get one, but I knew the girl was talking to at least 48 other guys. Made me feel like a bull in the Jalikattu ring who should crack jokes, be entertaining and what not. Prove yourself or perish!”, Prem said in an exclusive interview to FakingNews.

Meanwhile, has taken cognizance of this event and offered lifetime free membership to Prem.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Ola Share user who boarded a cab 3 days back, still waiting for his drop

With the craze about Ola share rising rapidly, a baffling incident has been reported by one of the riders who has been stuck in an Ola shared cab for the last three days, still waiting for his drop. The Ola Share user, Musafir Singh who is a resident of Bangalore, decided to take an Ola Share cab from his office to home in the evening, paying lesser than the fare of an AC bus. In the first few minutes itself, he was sharing the cab with two others, their drops being 500 kms apart.

"I'm stuck!! Still stuck in the cab! Please tweet to Sushma Swaraj and rescue me!", screamed Musafir when contacted by FakingNews for his views on Ola Share. "I have been sleeping with the driver for the last three days. Even his family knows me now, but can somebody please drop me home?", he added.

Musafir complained that whenever he reached close to his home, the driver's phone would ring for a new pickup in the opposite direction. He even blamed his luck for the massive delay in his drop. "On the second day, I was crossing my office and finally heading towards my home, when the phone beeped and the driver accepted the pickup. It turned out to be my manager who asked me for my daily status report!", said Musafir.

On the flip side, the Ola driver is happy that he has found a brother in Musafir. "I have invited him to my daughter's wedding and I will personally pick him up, not in a Shared cab of course. This is not new. One day, after midnight, an eloping couple booked a pooled cab to run away from their parents. After 8 hours, when they were still waiting for their drop, they decided to take the bus and go back home. Their parents thanked Ola and me.", the driver smiled with pride.

Ola has clarified that Musafir is still going to pay Rs 72 for the ride, despite covering more than 470 kms till now.