Monday, July 21, 2014

With 1 day left for Glasgow Commonwealth games, Delhi CWG 2010 stadiums still under construction

With just 1 day to go for the Glasgow Commonwealth games 2014, the world media is disappointed. There is no Dengue threat, stadiums were ready four years back, none of the bridges is ready to fall, and everything seems to be in place. There is no news to cover related to the Glasgow CWG games.

"This is boring. Four years back, we had so much to cover. I fell in love with Delhi. I remember how our cameraman fell ill right after landing in Delhi. It was a welcome bite by a Dengue mosquito.", said a bored journalist who has been looking for news for the last 1 month in Glasgow.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government is nervous. They have been trying hard to meet the 2014 Commonwealth games deadline for the 2010 games that were held in Delhi. "After the 2010 CWG games in Delhi, we decided to revise the deadline and make sure all stadiums are completed before the Glasgow games. We are almost there!", said an enthusiastic Delhi Government official. "For the ones that are not completed, we will put curtains and hide everything like we did during the Delhi CWG games. Nobody will be interested in Glasgow because we are the ones who are finally ready for the games", added the official.

Toota Singh, a worker in the NDMC, is excited. "I had no work for the last 4 years. During the 2010 games, i was assigned the duty to kill dengue mosquitoes by hand in all the stadiums. I nailed it." He now holds the world record and also the commonwealth games record for killing the highest number of Dengue mosquitoes by hand.

Our faking news journalist decided to visit all the stadiums and was astonished to see the progress Delhi had made in the last four years. "All stadiums look perfect for the games. Four years back, there were no restrooms in stadiums, at least they now have boards pointing to the restrooms which will be constructed in future. In fact, during the last games there was a waterfall in one of the stadiums. Everyone thought it was a beautiful architectural design. Now, the waterfall does not exist, they say it was a leakage!". On investigating more, our journalist found Mr. Toota Singh sitting on a huge hole through which water was leaking.

Another journalist, on whom a wall had fallen during the Delhi games, has decided not to cover the Glasgow games and go to Delhi instead. "The love that Delhi has given me is unforgettable. When the wall fell on me inside the stadium, I lay unconscious for 13 days. When i woke up, the games were over and someone had stolen everything, including my shoes and socks. Everyone thought i was dead. But that was the best sleep of my life, that too in the main stadium.", recalls the journalist.

Apart from these developments, the ticket booking system which showed all empty stadiums as full has also been fixed. People can now successfully book tickets for the 2010 Delhi games. A tourist, who had come only to see the Taj Mahal and the CWG games but had been unsuccessful to do both during the last 4 years, is relieved. "I have been trying to book a train ticket through IRCTC to go to Agra for the last four years. At least I can now book the stadium ticket!", said the over-joyed British Tourist.

With so much of enthusiasm in Delhi for the Glasgow Commonwealth games, it will be interesting to see how Delhi steals the limelight during the next 15 days.

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