Thursday, October 2, 2014

Air India passengers mistake aircraft for Big Boss Set, start fighting with each other

Obsessed with TV reality show Big Boss, Air India passengers on-board flight number AI-888 mistook it for being the Big Boss season 8 house and started fighting with each other right after taking their seats. The confusion happened when the air hostess started the safety announcement by saying "Big Boss chahte hai ki aap sab kursi ki peti baandh le" (Big Boss wants you to fasten your seat belts). The confused passengers looked around to see that the flight looked similar to the Big Boss set and even had a cockpit similar to the one in Big Boss. The passengers were totally convinced when the pilot announced his name as Salman Khan while giving the details of the journey. Sitting in disbelief, they could not control their emotions on having got an opportunity to be a part of the reality show.

"It was an unforgettable flight", recounts one of the passengers who was on-board the flight. "Right after take-off, the air hostesses said that we will have to complete a task to be served food. The passengers were divided into two teams, and even though my team won, we were given raw vegetables and a gas cylinder to cook food in the plane!"

The problems started arising when one person wanted to eat rice and the other wanted roti. None of them wanted to compromise and started arguing. In the end, nobody got anything.

At this point, tempers started rising and a person from the losing team started abusing the winning team for having cheated. One of the passengers got so emotional that she shut herself in one of the restrooms forever while the other passengers kept waiting for their turn outside.

"She is still inside and crying. The whole flight is flooded, our crew has been working overtime to clear the floor, but she seems to have bought these tears from some wholesale shop. Even the pilots had to wipe the floor using their clothes", confirmed an Air India official.

When Faking News contacted the other passengers to know the reason for this situation, they found that her only demand was to throw the person who abused her - out of the emergency exit. They tried doing that but 4-5 passengers fell as soon as the door opened. They are the only ones who seem to be mentally stable.

To add to the twists that Big Boss 8 promises, the pilot, Mr. Salman Khan rotated the flight 180 degrees as all passengers fell on their heads, leaving everyone unconscious.

"That was the only way to reach the destination safely with such passengers on-board.", said Salman Khan after landing the flight with his wet clothes hanging from the windows. 

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