Friday, September 9, 2016

Coldplay to offer EMI options for it's Mumbai concert tickets

After rumours of Coldplay performing in Mumbai in November, and another rumour of the concert tickets being priced between Rs. 25000 to 5 lakhs, Coldplay has finally confirmed that they will offer EMI options for Indians to attend the concert if they do perform in India. The band was forced to announce the EMI option after massive uproar against the exorbitantly priced tickets which took a sudden political turn when Arvind Kejriwal called Coldplay a puppet of Mukesh Ambani.

Chris Martin, the band's vocalist, clarified that the tickets have been priced after calculating the amount that a person would have after selling a kidney and buying an iPhone 7. "We do not want our supporters' money to go waste. Whatever is leftover after selling a kidney and buying an iPhone can be used for the concert ticket", said Chris.

Meanwhile, millions of Coldplay supporters have already stopped eating to save money for the concert. FakingNews interviewed Gattu Singh from Mumbai, who claims to be the biggest fan of Coldplay. He said "I will eat only curd rice for the next three months to save money for the EMI. Concert to jaake rahunga".

Another Coldplay fan, who has always sold fake tickets outside movie theatres, is upset as the fake tickets he had printed have only Rs. 3000 printed on them. "Saara mazaa kharab ho gaya!".

Meanwhile, to cash in on the sudden increase in demand for credit cards, HDFC and SBI have launched offers to give free local train tickets to the concert venue, an attractive offer for the bankrobbed fans!

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