Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pakistan's F-16 planes to be used for selling vegetables due to unaffordable maintenance cost

The much hyped F-16 fighter jets that Pakistan received from the US will no longer be stationed at Pakistan's air force bases due to unaffordable maintenance costs. The fighter jets were received by Pakistan as a part of its pseudo war against India behind the veil of "Fight against terrorism" and have since then been lying unused.
"These jets make us feel like a beggar holding an iphone. No matter how good the phone is, we can't afford even its back cover", said Pakistan's Air Chief Marshal. "It will be good if we can instead use these jets for better purposes like selling aloo, pyaaz and tamatar."
The Pakistan Air Force had accepted these jets open heartedly and had even received 5 litres of free fuel from the United States. "They didn't tell us that these jets don't run on diesel or CNG. We tried fitting a CNG cylinder on one of the jets for better mileage but minutes later the cylinder as well as the jet were flying in the air, in a hundred pieces each", lamented Nawaz Haraami, a close aide of the prime minister of Pakistan. "This is a bloody useless plane. The only useful parts are the tyres with which the kids can play using sticks." added Nawaz.
The fighter planes have some space behind the cockpit which will now be used for keeping vegetables. "Finally I will be able to drive this plane, though it will be pulled on the streets by Chattu-Battu, the official cows of Pakistan Army", exclaimed a fighter jet pilot who had trained on a Maruti 800 designed as an F-16 plane.
The American government is embarrassed though. In a recent interview with Faking News, a US diplomat to Pakistan said, "There is not a single occasion when Pakistan does not show it's real standard of a true beggar. No matter how much we assist them, it will always remain like a toilet with a stolen a gate which hasn't been flushed for years."

There is also a possibility that these jets may be used for drying clothes from a nearby laundry if the vegetable business does not earn enough revenue for Pakistan.

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