Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bangalore car driver drives 200km in search of U-turn to reach home

Alternate title- Bangalore car driver reaches Mysore in search of U-turn to reach home

In another bizarre tale of Bangalore's ever increasing traffic woes, more than hundred car drivers reportedly reached Mysore while searching for a u-turn to reach home. The drivers had started from their offices on outer ring road and had to take a u-turn to reach their homes on the other side of the road but the Bangalore Traffic police made some unexpected changes due to which the car drivers kept on driving, finally finding a u-turn near Mysore.

"U-turns and one ways! At one point, I even asked a few passerby's to help me lift the car and place it on the other side of the road. But some of them rushed and sat inside my car as they had been waiting to cross the road for the last 6 days and finally saw some hope", said a frustrated driver after reaching Mysore. "I could see my home on the right side 5 minutes after starting from office, but then I never found a u-turn. When i did find one, the Google maps lady asked me to keep going straight and I missed it!", he further lamented.

Even Google Maps isn't able to understand the sudden changes by Bangalore traffic police. "Our users have been banging their cars into dividers. When our map says take a u-turn, there never is one. That's the magic of Bangalore Traffic police.", said a developer working on Google maps.

Meanwhile, Bangalore Traffic police has termed this as "suspense driving", in which the driver is always alert. "U-turns should be a suspense and we are going to make this game even more interesting", said a policeman.

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